Loving You

The Movement

Kimber Le' is a beautifully talented R&B singer with a voice that could melt your heart and an energy that will move your soul…

Having developed performance skills and devotion so early in her career, KIMBER LE' was undeniably born an entertainer. With her powerful vocals and captivating performance, she has proven time and time again why she deserves a spot at the top!

Releasing her NEW single, “Lovin’ You”, based on her real life journey with rapper Q. Wash. This song is the epitome of a TRUE LOVE STORY! It has a smooth, deep memorable tone, with a pleasant mellow vibe and a really unique feel. Kimber Le' really managed to hit the mark with this beautiful tune and intriguing message of love! This will be the first to hit the shelves in what is going to be a long line of innovative releases. The track isn’t only performed with passion and integrity, but also extremely well-recorded and produced to a world-class level of quality and excellence, suitable to an artist of such high grade!

With the passion and talents KIMBER LE' brings to the table, things are not going to be slowing down from here. So, be sure to strap yourselves in because this is definitely an artist you’ll need to keep both eyes and ears on so that you don’t miss a beat of the KIMBER LE’ experience…

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